What is Micro Silver?

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Micro Silver (trade name MicroSilver BG™) - A Revolutionary Form of Silver With the Potential to Transform the Skin Care Industry

Aloevive Silver products are manufactured using micro silver. This unique ingredient plays an important dual role in all of our skin care products. As a component of the formulation, it acts as a natural preservative. In addition, upon application to the skin, it acts as an antimicrobial and antiviral agent. In this way it minimizes inflammation on the skin surface and keeps skin healthy.

What is Micro Silver?

Micro silver is an extremely pure form of medical grade silver with a large surface area. It is prepared by subjecting medical grade silver to a very high temperature under vacuum1. No catalysts or other chemical ingredients are used in the manufacturing of micro silver. The resulting novel micro silver particles are highly porous, extremely pure and have an average particle size of 10 microns. It is important to keep in mind that micro silver does not penetrate the skin or mucosal membrane. Thus when micro silver-based cosmetics are applied topically to the skin, the micro silver particles remain on the surface of the skin and do not enter into the blood stream.

How Does Micro Silver Protect the Skin from Harmful Microbes2,3?

Silver is the most effective antimicrobial known to man. As mentioned above, due to its large particle size, micro silver does not penetrate the skin and remains on the skin surface.  After absorbing moisture from the skin or the surroundings, a very small percentage of the uncharged silver atoms (Ag0) on the skin surface lose an electron and become positively charged silver ions (Ag+).  These silver ions are known to inactivate microbes present on the skin surface and keep the skin free of the inflammation that they normally cause.  The result is a long lasting healthier and younger looking skin. It is very important to keep in mind that since most of the micro silver applied to the skin remains in the nonionized form (Ag0) and only intermittently generates Ag+ ions when it comes into contact with moisture, micro silver provides hours of antimicrobial protection that lasts until the applied gel is washed off using soap or detergent.

For those interested in knowing more about the scientific details of how the silver ion (Ag+) kills the microbes:

The Ag+ ions may block the transport of necessary ions through the microbial cell surface resulting in inactivation of the cell. Ag+ ions also may penetrate inside the microbial cell and bind to critical intracellular enzymes inactivating them. Silver ion may also bind to DNA preventing its replication. In summary, these kinds of events may lead to cell death thus reducing the population of harmful microbes on the skin surface. It is important to note here that there may be two types of microbes present on the skin, transient harmful microbes present on the skin surface and beneficial microbes present in the hair follicles. Silver ions (Ag+) generated on the skin surface will easily kill the microbes that reside there, however, because Ag+ ions cannot penetrate the waxy coat present in hair follicles the beneficial microbes will survive.

The History of Micro Silver

Unlike pure silver which has been known to mankind for 6000 years, micro silver is a very recent technological invention. The initial research work on micro silver started around 1995 in Germany and by about 2005 it became commercially available. The availability of micro silver opened a new chapter in the field of cosmetic formulation preservation. In addition, micro silver was found to have antimicrobial properties that allowed the control of skin inflammation. When the silver atom has no charge (Ag0) it is a harmless metal. Once it loses one electron, it forms a silver ion (Ag+), which has very unique antimicrobial properties.  It is known to kill more than 650 different types of microbes. No known antibiotic is effective against as many different types of microbes as the silver ion (Ag+). In addition to its wide spectrum antibacterial properties, it is also toxic to fungi, molds, and viruses4. It has been demonstrated to inactivate SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) viruses. No known antibiotic or anti-fungal agent is as effective against as many skin pathogens as micro silver. For this reason, micro silver containing cosmetics, like the Aloevive Silver products not only provide aesthetic support and keep the skin moisturized, but additionally have the potential to keep the skin inflammation free.

Is Silver or Micro Silver Safe?

The answer is a definite yes. Silver, like gold, is considered to be a noble metal. These elements are known for their low chemical reactivity. In contrast, the safety of colloidal silver or nano silver is questionable. We may discuss the reasons for this in some other blogs. At this point we want to emphatically emphasize that Aloevive Silver products do not contain colloidal silver or nano silver in their formulations.

In addition, because micro silver has anti-irritation, antibacterial, and anti fungal properties, micro silver based cosmetics, like Aloevive Silver products are likely to be effective in providing protection against neuro-dermatitis, psoriasis, and bacterial skin infections.

What is the Negative Environmental Impact of Micro Silver?

Micro silver is not harmful to the environment. In manufacturing micro silver pure medical grade silver is subjected to high temperature and vacuum without the addition of any chemicals or metal catalysts. This simply changes the physical structure of the metal without producing any chemical byproducts. Thus, the manufacturing of micro silver does not generate any environmental waste.

Silver is a naturally occurring precious metal and it does not cause any environmental issues. The quantity of silver getting into our waterways is very small.  Looking at the science of silver ion generation, it is safe to say that free silver ions in wastewater are short lived. Once they are formed they immediately bind with proteins present in the wastewater. Once the silver ions are neutralized in this way, they pose no risk to organisms present in the sewage system.


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